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Change is coming to Burnet Woods!

Have you been in the woods lately?  If so, you may have noticed new picnic benches popping up at the lake and bandstand, or pink markers around potholes throughout the park. Consistent across community engagement sessions throughout 2018 were needs for infrastructure improvements and more public seating available at the popular park attractions.  These changes are part of your voice in action (while we work to make sure the conversation keeps going).

Those engagements also took a critical look at the 2007 Burnet Woods Master Plan and a desire to fulfill some of those proposed changes to the park. Among them, a pedestrian safety-related road closure. Effective June 29th, Burnet Woods Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic between the Bandstand and Burnet Woods Lake (see map).

Temporary bollards will be put in place for a 90-day pilot to block traffic cutting through the park (to avoid the light at the intersection of Martin L. King, Jr. Drive and Clifton). Road entrances across from U.C. and closer to the light will be maintained for access to the permit-required parking areas. Bandstand and playground vehicle access will be maintained via the Clifton Avenue entrance across from Good Samaritan Hospital.

Closing off this section of Burnet Woods Drive promotes pedestrian safety crossing between  the Warbler and Barred Owl trails, stops the high-speed traffic travelling through the heart of the park from intersecting with trails, and creates space for an unbroken green corridor beneficial to humans and wildlife.  During the 90-day pilot, Cincinnati Parks will be doing a survey to gather your feedback. You can see the official park announcement on their website here or click on attachments below:

BW Road Closure Announcement  Burnet Woods Road Closure Map


Change is happening because you stay involved! If you would like to become more involved with Preserve Burnet Woods, please contact us!

Thank you!

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