All organized PBW events in Burnet Woods will follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines so we are all safe and healthy together. 

Burnet Woods Birdwatching Group

Every other Sunday, 8:00AM; Free

kevin brenner_45367214_708051576226390_6124003969682374656_n
Photo Credit: Kevin Brenner

Explore this vital oasis of green space in the heart of Uptown! We’ll gently ramble through the trails, paths, and walkways of Burnet Woods taking notice of which feathered friends are nesting, resting or hunting in the woods.

Meet by the lake in front of Trailside Nature Center on Brookline Avenue. Bring your own binoculars if possible. Suggested entrance to park is Ludlow Avenue entrance.

Tree & Wildflower Hike w/ Dr. Denis Conover

Photo Credit: Cynthia Duval

Listed Sundays, 2:30PM; Free 

Join Dr. Denis Conover of U.C. for a peaceful and informative exploration of the habitats in Burnet Woods! This is a popular walk among our local naturalists community. Dr. Conover has been studying the ecology of Burnet for several decades and often uses the park as an extension of his classroom. Walk will be on and off trails. Sometimes off, off trails. Please wear close-toed shoes appropriate to hike; pants are recommended. Meet outside Trailside Nature Center.

Disc Golf Group

See ‘In the Woods This Week’ or FB page for dates

20200916_184627Bring your discs & join in a game of disc golf at Burnet Woods.
We’ll group up depending on how many people show up and experience levels. Beginners welcome!
Disc Golf Course starts at the park entrance close to MLK & Clifton. Recommended entrance is across from U.C. then take the drive around (there will only be one way to go) and park towards the top of the hill. Tee will be opposite the Richardson Monument (aka Stonehenge)

Give an Hour: Litter Pick-Up

See ‘In the Woods This Week’ or FB page for dates

20190413_105710Spend an hour helping to clean up Burnet Woods. Bags and gloves are provided. We choose times and locations depending on park activity, needs and the number of volunteers who come to help.  Dates/Times are posted each week in our ‘In the Woods This Week’ event list or on our Facebook page. Close-toed shoes are recommended. Note: picking up litter is physical work which involves repeated bending, crouching and reaching, as well as carrying a garbage bag.

Habitat Heroes & Invasives Control Team

Listed Dates (see ‘In the Woods This Week’ or FB page)


The PBW Habitat Heroes & Invasives Control Team is dedicated to education and sweat-effort in improving the ecology of Burnet Woods through removal of the invasive plants that choke out our native species of trees and wildflowers. Volunteers who choose to attend training classes will be taught safety, removal method, removal timing and which plants are considered invasive. Classes are not required to help at an event.  Close-toed shoes are required for workday events. Long sleeves are recommended. Rainy, slippery, or windy conditions cancel the event; light snow usually not a problem. Volunteers will be required to sign a waiver. See our ‘In the Woods this Week’ section or Facebook page for event dates.

Our ‘In the Woods this Week’ post each week provides links to as many events going on in Burnet Woods as possible. Because some events are sponsored by other groups (as noted) or are irregularly occurring, they may not be reflected on this page.