Traffic Change in Burnet Woods

Bollards have been installed for the Summer! Over the past week+, Cincinnati Parks crews have been hard at work setting up the temporary barriers to close Burnet Woods Drive to vehicular traffic between the Bandstand and Burnet Woods Lake (see map). This road will still be accessible to pedestrians and bicycles.  You can access a survey by Cincinnati Parks to provide feedback here.

In the  2007 Burnet Woods Master Plan, closure of this section of Burnet Woods Drive was referred to as an initiative to “strengthen forest and stream linkages”.  But what does that mean?

Stream Linkages

Did you know that not all stormwater flow managed by Burnet Woods runs directly into the lake? A secondary slowing and retention area collects stormwater at the base of the intersection just below the Warbler trail. (See the BW Stream Valley attachment). Creating a strong linkage between this stormwater management area and the lake overflow mechanism helps to protect downstream businesses and homes during heavy rain events.

Stronger Forest Areas

How do you strengthen a forest? Currently, Burnet Woods Drive separates two of the most highly sensitive/high quality areas of woods in the park, hemming them in and preventing them from becoming even better – together. Closing this road to vehicles provides an opportunity to remove sections of pavement in favor of creating a contiguous green corridor through the park all the way from Ludlow Avenue to the University of Cincinnati, better for wildlife, flora and humans to enjoy the park. Green corridors improve overall forest quality and diversity of wildlife in urban areas. In Burnet Woods, future vision of the space could take an eye towards better connected hiking trails, creating accessible nature paths, a native pollinator alley, connective tree plantings, sculpture points of interest, and safer pedestrian/bicycle pathways, among many ideas.

Additional Benefits

One of the most celebrated aspects of the communities surrounding Burnet Woods is their ‘walkability’ – the ability to move between areas without the need for a car. Changes to the park should follow this celebrated concept by promoting accessible walkways, pedestrian & bicycle safety and the ideas of sustainability in a nature setting. This change allows a safer crossing between  the Warbler and Barred Owl trails, increases bicycle safety going through the steep road and curves, and stops the high-speed traffic travelling through the heart of the park to avoid the traffic light at Clifton Avenue and Martin L. King, Jr. Drive.

Runners enjoying the closed road (early bollard-install stages)

The temporary bollards will be in place for a 90-day pilot. Road entrances across from U.C. and closer to the light will be maintained for access to those parking areas. Bandstand and playground vehicle access will be maintained via the Clifton Avenue entrance across from Good Samaritan Hospital. Lake access continues as usual from the Jefferson Ave and Brookline Avenue parking areas.

You can see the official park announcement on their website here or click on attachments below:

BW Road Closure Announcement  Burnet Woods Road Closure Map

Change is happening because you stay involved! If you would like to become more involved with Preserve Burnet Woods, please contact us!

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