How you can help

There are lots of ways to help support Burnet Woods! Do what you can with what you have – whether it’s to spend 5 minutes sending a short email or sharing your time in Burnet Woods!


Click here for our Membership Form. Your support of our mission through membership (only $5) or donation provides:

  • support for community projects essential to the health of the park, such as invasive species removal and litter pick-up
  • supplies for educational nature programming
  • opportunity to sponsor fun park events & classes for the surrounding communities
  • opportunity to contribute to park capital enhancements and longevity needs
  • basic operating expenses to promote awareness of the park and encourage volunteerism
  • voting option to help choose our Board* (members only, requires yearly renewal)

USE THE PARK. Come join us in the woods!  Help our park be seen as a beloved and visited nature hot spot. Stop by for a nature break, take the Saturday yoga class, go on a Sunday bird or botany walk, play the disc golf course, hit the playground for some fitness time, fish by the lake. Use hashtags #burnetwoods #preserveburnetwoods and #cincyparks to share what makes you happy about your time in this urban greenspace.  Ask a friend to join you.

EMAIL/CALL INFLUENCERS to tell them how important this park is to you. As our Park system faces an increasing budget shortfall (more than $50 million!) all members of City Council need to know that our park funding needs to be preserved, if not increased. Use your voice! Several short emails which stay on point may be more effective than long singular emails. Email addresses for our current city council members are:


VOLUNTEER WITH PBW – as our group grows and our outreach extends, we will be needing help with all types of events – from fun for kids and adults to park clean-up days.  When we reach out for help – raise your hand!  DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL SKILLS? Send us an email at We might not know we need you yet, but you might know we do! Let us know!