Show Us Your Throw! Disc Golf Contest

Have you tried out the Burnet Woods Disc Golf Course? Our Walking Tour Wednesday this week shows off the 9-hole disc golf course in Burnet Woods. Disc Golf is a great opportunity to have fun in a naturally social-distanced activity, as players are often spread out for most of the game with plenty of room at tees. The first tee starts across from the University of Cincinnati, close to the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Clifton Avenue under the shade of tall evergreens. You are lead through a meadow soon to bloom a pretty pink with smartweed, and from there to a course that runs up and down hills and around curves. You’ll follow along the western edge of the park, getting sites of the Lone Star Shelter, Playground Shelter, and Bandstand along the way. The tees are a bit worn down, but the surrounding nature is still outstanding. And the best part of disc golf – you don’t have to be good at it to have fun, just to keep track of your disc. šŸ™‚

SHOW US YOUR THROW CONTEST: Now through Sept 22nd –

  1. Post a video of you trying out the Burnet Woods Disc Golf course on Facebook or Instagram. Video must have been recorded and posted between 9/2/2020 and 9/22/2020, AND
  2. Tag Preserve Burnet Woods in your post including #preserveburnetwoods and #burnetthrowshow hashtags.
  3. To compete for the Innova Halo TL3 Fairway Driver disc, you will need to ALSO include the #holeinone or #trickshot hashtag. The hole-in-one entry must be a completed hole-in-one as commonly understood to be one single completed shot starting from the tee to end in the basket. The trick shot should be a unique shot that is silly, cool, fun still in keeping with the idea of getting the disc from the tee to the basket. The trick shot doesn’t have to go into the basket. The criteria that qualifies as a trick shot is solely at the discretion of the judge(s). We’ll know it when we see it.
  4. Entries are limited to one (1) general entry and one (1) #holeinone or #trickshot entry per day. We will give one (1) extra general entry per day to anyone that includes picking up some litter during their game as part of their game play. Include a separate photo or put it in the video.
  5. (a) All general entries will be put into a random drawing for the Nati Disc Golf Starter Pack (combined retail $41.96). Starter pack includes Discraft Weekender Bag, Innova Teebird Fairway Driver, Innova Shark Mid-Range Driver, Innova Classic Aviar Putter. There is only one of these. (b) All qualifying entries will be put into a random drawing for the Innova Halo TL3 Fairway Driver (retail $24.99). There is only one of these. (c) All general and qualifying entries will be put into a drawing for the Nati Disc Golf Trucker Hat (retail $24.99). There is only one of these. (d) We reserve the right to add more prizes. (e) a winner will be chosen for the Halo TL3 first and that winner will not be eligible for the Starter Pack drawing.
  6. Don’t hurt trees or park property. Entries which hit trees or reflect damage to park property are automatically disqualified. DONT HURT TREES.
  7. Drawings will be held 9/23/20 for the Starter Park and the Halo TL3. Drawing for the Trucker Hat may be held randomly at some point during the contest or on 9/23/20. Winners will be notified via the social media venue of their submission on or after 9/23/20. Claiming prize is the responsibility of the winner. Unclaimed prizes after 10/23/20 may be forfeited.
  8. We want this to be fun and welcome newcomers into the park and the sport, and so we reserve the right to disqualify any entry on merits of being a jerk, bullying, hate language, littering, damaging park property or not exhibiting good sportsmanship. Play nice. Don’t be that guy.
  9. Judge(s) decisions are final on matters including but not limited to eligible entry, disqualification, manner of random draw, etc..

Additional course info including maps & par/hole distance via Disc Golf Course Review.

Need to know the rules to disc golf? Here you go! Though you can always keep it simple by just counting the number of throws it takes to get the disc in the basket – lower score wins. Or not score at all and just enjoy the game.

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