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In Your Words Wednesday: Park Profiles

If you’ve spent time in Burnet Woods, odds are you’ve seen Greg enjoying time by the lake. PBW member K.W. Carr spent a few minutes getting to know our friend in the park: 

I probably see Greg at least half of the weekday mornings I walk in BW with my dog.  He is there with his fishing gear at one place or another around the lake. I stopped to ask him some questions on a chilly overcast day in early December.

What area are you from? Avondale

How long have you been coming to Burnet Woods?

  • About 3 years. Sometimes he drives; other times he rides his bike or takes the bus.  

What do you like to do in the Park? 

  • He comes mostly to fish, but says it also is a great place just to unwind and relax. His best memories include meeting a lot of good people and the time he caught a 35 pound flathead catfish.  He says he let it go, but then admits that it broke the line and released itself as he was pulling it up to look at it.
  • I asked him if the lake was well stocked and he says it used to be, but not so much anymore. The lake used to be stocked with a hundred pounds of each type of many kinds of fish, including blue gill, channel cat, bass and crappie.  Recently, though, he says it is stocked with just a hundred pounds total and less variety. He wonders why this cutback given the moneys spent on Eden Park and others—even Winton Woods. 
  • When I asked what he thought of putting buildings in BW, like that proposed by CCAC, he laughs and says:  “nothing that you can use” and I am “not excited about it.” [Editor’s note: This interview was prior to the Park Board vote.]

What do you want people to know about Burnet Woods?

  • Greg says Burnet Woods is a “very nice place. Don’t be afraid of this park. Sure some things happen but overall it is a very nice place to come. Families, friends just hang out, just relax.”
Greg at Burnet Woods Lake, December 2018

I thanked him for talking to me.  He said: “See you around.”