About PBW

The mission of Preserve Burnet Woods is to protect, promote, celebrate and sustain Burnet Woods as a community-supported greenspace and urban oasis. 

The members of Preserve Burnet Woods (PBW) believe that Burnet Woods has unique ecological assets in our community which should be preserved for generations to come and celebrated in the present. We are members of the surrounding communities, professors, biologists, students, naturalists, photographers, parents and friends. While we initially came together under the voice of our petition in opposition to two development proposals in Burnet Woods, our purpose rapidly blossomed to a care-taking initiative.

Our core group of 35-40 members meets regularly to steer the direction of our efforts, with 27 of those composing our Board of Directors. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

It is our tenet that the needs of Burnet Woods can be sustained through the efforts of an engaged citizenry and a well-supported Citizens Park Advisory Committee (CPAC) for Burnet Woods, in cooperation with Cincinnati Parks. This model of engagement has been successful in many of our local parks and it is our path.

While change is necessary to maintain park structures and meet the needs of the citizenry wishing to connect with nature in a safe and environmentally sound park, we do not support the ideas of new building construction which occur periodically regarding Burnet Woods (library, restaurant, arts center).  It is our consensus that alternate solutions are available to meet Park needs and pursue enhancements aligned with the characteristics of an old-growth woods and the Parks’ key initiatives from the 2007 Parks Master Plan.

Blacktop and concrete are the last use of all natural spaces.