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A BIRD! A BOTANICAL! A BRANCH! and you! While we may not be able to host our regular hikes through the park, nature is still OPEN for you to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. While you’re out in the park this week, try looking and listening for –

Common Snowdrop ~ Galanthus nivalis

One of the first Spring perennials to emerge, snowdrops often bloom from March into early May, carpeting areas where they grow in tiny white blossoms. Here are 10 fun facts about snowdrops you can share as you look for them near Trailside Nature Center.


The Mallards

Burnet Woods Lake frequently has pairs of Mallard ducks floating across the lake and taking cover in the tall grasses away from pedestrian traffic.  The Mallards dine on underwater vegetation by tipping their whole body forward. Find out more about mallards here.


American Redbud ~ Cercis Canadensis

It’s time to start checking the Redbud meter! Watching the redbud trees which rim the lake go from bud to blossom is a fantastic sight to follow – and something where kids can notice differences in bark, bud and blossom easily from week to week. Introduce the process early while buds are forming and keep coming back to check. Learn more here.


Also, our neighborhood parks are likely to experience an increase in visitors as a safe space to play while a lot of other city facilities are closed. Please consider taking a moment to help keep the park in good shape by picking up a little litter while you are there. There are a lot more people in our community that DON’T LITTER, than there are who choose that – so if we all pick up just a little bit when we pass through, Burnet Woods should be the cleanest park in all of Cincinnati.

Additional note: 

The regular meeting of the Cincinnati Park Board takes place at 9AM on Thursday 3/19 at the Theodore M. Berry Pavilion, 1135 Riverside Dr. From the Parks website: “The public is invited to attend this meeting. Given the ongoing Coronavirus threat we are encouraging people to adhere to the public health guidance and avoid public gatherings where possible. In an effort to facilitate this we will be livestreaming the meeting on Facebook live from our Cincinnati Parks account. Additionally, any comments addressed to the Park Board may be sent to

*Information is current as of publication. Please see the Cincinnati Parks website for updates and cancellations.


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