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Updates & more dates…the next hurdles

VENUE CHANGE for the Park Board meeting on 11/15, 9AM. The meeting is now at the Art Museum, Fath Auditorium. Enter through the Dewitt entrance. Public comment will begin the meeting so please be there in time to fill out a speaker’s card and be in a seat by 9AM.

  • Thursday, November 15th: Park Board Meeting
    • Where: Cincinnati Art Museum, Fath Auditorium, 953 Eden Park Drive
    • When: 9:00am, Thursday 11/15
    • Why: CCAC is presenting an update of their proposal to build in Burnet Woods. The update is expected to include a business plan and building renderings.
    • How to help: Show up and speak. Time is limited so having a prepared written statement to read of 1-2 minutes is recommended. If you can’t be there, then please make your thoughts known ahead of time by emailing the Park Board. Details on Park Board Leadership here.
    • Additional Info: use the Dewitt Entrance to the Art Museum.

Community Councils are beginning to weigh in on the CCAC development proposal. Avondale just issued a letter of support for CCAC in Burnet Woods.  CTM has not issued their position yet. Please communicate to Corryville, Mt. Auburn, Uptown, CUF, Mt. Airy and other councils the importance of their support for BW to remain a greenspace free of new development. Link to email addresses:…/2PACX-1vSe3OVoCm_NKD_IlSw…/pubhtml

  • Saturday, November 17th: Invasive Removal Day #2
    • Where: Trailside Nature Center
    • When: 9:00am, Saturday 11/17
    • Why: Invasive Plants dominate the understory in some parts of Burnet and blanket over important vegetation and saplings in others. These keep the woods from replenishing itself and damage old growth trees.
    • How to help:  Show up ready to work. Dress for weather and to be in the woods. Gloves are recommended. Tools will be provided. We work until between 12-1pm.  There are plenty of ways to help including brush removal, litter pick-up, as well as cutting the invasives.

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