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Dates to Know: Development in Burnet Woods

Some dates coming up & how you can help:

  • Monday, November 5th:
    • Where:  Clifton Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Avenue
    • When: 7:00pm, Monday 11/5
    • Why:  Clifton Town Meeting Trustees are expected to vote on what position they will be sending to the Park Board – pro or against building a new building for CCAC in the park. Community Councils represent a collective voice.
    • How to help: If you live or work in or around the Clifton area, the Clifton Town Meeting Trustee Board wants to know what you think about the development proposals for Burnet Woods. The discussion continues! It is important that CTM Members, Cliftonites and community members nearby attend and speak, or send an email to the CTM Trustee Board.
    • Additional Info: General email for CTM: contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org and a form contact is available at www.cliftoncommunity.org with a current list of 15 Trustees.


  • Thursday, November 15th: Park Board Meeting (regular meeting) 
    • Where: Park Board Administrative Building, 950 Eden Park Dr. (We should probably expect a location change due to expected crowds.)
    • When: 9:00am, Thursday 11/15
    • Why: The Park Board meeting of October 18th was a very contentious meeting. The Camping and Education Foundation presented an updated proposal to use a re-visioned Trailside Nature Center rather than a new building in the meadow.  Heated conversation after the proposal update between members of CCAC, CTM and the Park Board almost drove the development issue to a vote THREE TIMES though no vote had been expected before early 2019.  At this 11/15 meeting, CCAC is expected to present a more robust version of their proposal including a business plan and possible renderings of a building.
    • How to help: Show up and speak. Time is limited so having a prepared written statement to read of less than 2 minutes is recommended. If you can’t be there, then please make your thoughts known ahead of time by emailing the Park Board. Details on Park Board Leadership here.
    • Additional Info: For the Admin building, if you go down the hill towards mirror lake – the building driveway will be on the right. There is VERY limited parking and it is recommended to carpool or plan to walk from Mirror Lake parking areas.  Please allow time to be on time as the public comment period has been held at the beginning of each meeting for the past two months and manners matter.

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