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Focus on Forward

PBWers –

A LOT has been going on since the 8/13 Community Conversation! We are so grateful for your growing support of our mission and willingness to get involved in helping Burnet Woods keep all its green! And we hear you when you’re asking – what’s going on now?!

Much of our work lately has looked like more like this than the big green trees we hike under. Meetings. Conversations. Connection.

CPAC Meeting 9/11 @ Bellevue Park (see the Burnet Woods map on the left in the pic)

As much we love our time in the woods, we do enjoy a good community council meeting too. We have felt warmly received around town. Part outreach and part invite, it seems like everyone is curious about who we are, what we’re about and our thoughts on what is happening in Burnet Woods. As often as we can – which is OFTEN – we are showing up to speak up,  answer questions, correct misinformation, share our perspective on what we see in the woods, and talk about what our plans are next.  Sometimes it’s prudent just to listen.

Community Council Meetings for CUF and Camp Washington.  CUF is home sweet home for this attendee, but Camp Washington has snacks.

There have been at least a dozen meetings in the past six (6) weeks with a lot of learning, getting organized and new friendships.

We’ll be sharing more in a blast out to the petition-signers shortly, and following up with it here.  Some of it is pretty good news and our optimism is climbing as our efforts expand.  But there’s still plenty to do…

The PBW team has established our Action Teams for Invasive Removal, and we’re working with Cincy Parks to set up two days to get dirty doing that in November.  Our Event Planning Team already has one fun family-friendly event on the calendar for Spring (in addition to our weekly and monthly nature walks). And we are formalizing procedures to be on our Steering Committee – the voice that guides all we do.

Come join in! You can get involved by sending an email to ilove.burnet@preserveburnetwoods.org and let us know how you’d like to help or click that you’re coming on an event.

*Featured vista is the view from Bellevue Park, whether the quarterly CPAC meeting was held.











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