On Our Trail

Welcome Back UC!!

Classes are back in session with students in abundance wherever you look – including Burnet Woods!  Many students use the park as a stopover to enjoy Frisbee golf or study between classes. Some professors even use the woods as part of their class sessions!

A U.C. drawing class in Burnet Woods on Aug. 30th.

Did you know…

…there is a 9-hole Frisbee golf course with 1st and 9th tees on the campus side of the park? (So you can won’t be late getting back to class when you duck out for a game. Shhh!)   Click for course map.

…there is yoga by the band stand every Saturday morning at 11:15am? Sponsored by World Peace Yoga, class is in the peaceful shade of huge trees, and is multi-level. The last class I went to, Mindy even played her guitar during savasana and I about dozed. right. off! So serene!  FB link to event.  Classes usually run through the end of September, but often extend further if the weather continues to be nice.  Come find your ohm in nature!

…there is a guided bird-watching walk every Sunday morning at 8am?  Fall migration is just getting started, which means all kinds of beautifully colored birds are passing through the woods. It’s a great opportunity to focus the mind, listen to nature sing and take a deep breath away from campus.  FB link to event.

…the lake is stocked for fishing?! No license required.  Bring your pole and bait, but please remember to leave no trace and pack out your cut line.  (Littered fishing line hurts birds.)

Not to mention plenty of places to hang out, hike a trail, hang a hammock, etc…

Be sure to like our FB page and show us how you come into the woods using hashtags #preserveburnetwoods and/or #burnetwoods !!

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